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I have used Lindas affirmations for a few years now and they are fun and easy to use. I have them posted everywhere. Linda has been my advisor and great friend, it seems like for a lifetime, I don't know what I would do without her....Kristina R

Positive Affirmations and Feng Shui stickers, are a daily reminder for me of something greater than ourselves. I have used them at work and in my car, so I can remember who I really am. Thanks Linda!
Good Job!!
Hailee C
I use these positive affirmations all the time and I am starting to experience the big differences they are making in my life -R. Reynolds
I have been using these affirmations for a couple of years now, and they have been helping me have a positive attitude in my daily life. They make fabulous gifts, and I have given some to my friends and they put them in their binders or their lockers (they LOVE them!) I love how easy they are to use. By just reading them once a day, you take a step towards having a happy, prosperous, life.
-Biancah R.
My teen daughter was being bullied and I gave her the positive affirmations and she placed them in her locker, and on her books,  where she could see and read them daily. Within one week, she started meeting new friends, and they also helped with her confidence! All the schools should have these affirmations for kids and teens to read.
Desiree. S Toronto
These look like ordinary stickers, and I especially like the Feng Shui Stickers since they come with a map and are easy to place in your home or work or car. Makes Feng Shui easy to use and the stickers are easy to peel off and will not remove the paint on your wall. I have given them as gifts and people love them. They are one of a kind. the artwork is just beautiful.
Cathy D. Thornhill